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If you are seeking information and insight into bankruptcy law in the state of Georgia, you have come to the right place. As an Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer, one of my primary goals is to inform the public and empower my clients through knowledge. You cannot make good decisions about finances without ensuring that they are informed decisions. In order to help Atlanta area residents gain knowledge and make informed decisions, I started writing a bankruptcy blog. Since July of 2012 Cherney Law Firm, LLC has been posting informative blog entries and helpful reviews on news articles, current events, and other areas relative to bankruptcy. It is vitally important for you to educate yourself on your financial situation and how bankruptcy may or may not be the best option for you, so be sure to check back soon for new posts. Similarly, feel free to browse my firm’s website and review all of the informative pages for helpful facts, or call my firm today for a free initial consultation.

  • The Power of The Automatic Stay
    One of the most important aspects of bankruptcy filing is the automatic stay. We will explore how the automatic stay works for you, as well as the creditors’ option to submit a motion for relief from stay. How Automatic Stay Work? As soon as you file for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the automatic stay goes into effect. The automatic stay keeps creditors from collecting debts during your case. When you or your attorney files, you will include a list of your creditors. These creditors will receive a copy of the automatic stay, which prevents them from taking […]
  • Statute of Limitations on Debt in Georgia
    Georgia Debt Statute of Limitations In the State of Georgia, there are debt collection laws in place to protect the debtor from it’s creditors.  One of the laws is called a statute of limitations, and it determines how long a creditor can pursue with legal action towards a debt. Usually, when a creditor  is not being paid, they can and will file to have a judgment against the debtor in a court of law. If successful, the creditor can legally have that debt collected though wage garnishment, bank garnishment or have liens placed against their property. The main reason that […]
  • How Lien Stripping Works in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy is never an easy process. However, it may become the best option for you. In this article, we will explain how lien stripping can work in your favor if you are severely struggling with multiple mortgages. As of now, lien stripping is only possible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the state of Georgia, not in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For a homeowner wanting to save their house during bankruptcy, Chapter 13 will probably be the way to go. Read more about Chapter 13 Because bankruptcy rules are many and sometimes complicated, it is always prudent to consult an experienced bankruptcy […]
  • Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score
    What is a Credit Score A credit score is a mathematical algorithm, typically updated monthly, used by lenders and service providers (i.e. utility companies) to determine your character, creditworthiness, and likelihood to make payments on time. Read more on: How my credit score is affected after a bankruptcy How to find and fix common errors on your credit report Post bankruptcy credit collections Is filing for bankruptcy going to hurt my credit?
  • Why Bankruptcy Exists
    Estimated Reading Time: 3 min Although bankruptcy has been in existence for 100 years, few understand its true purpose. Creditors owed money may balk and question why bankruptcy exists. As someone considering filing bankruptcy, the reason may be all too apparent. Why Bankruptcy The current bankruptcy code was enacted in 1978 as part of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978. This code was a well overdue override of previous bankruptcy codes including the Chandler Act of 1938 and Bankruptcy Act in America from 1898.
  • Cooling and Winter LLC
    Cooling and Winter, LLC – Stop Wage Garnishment and Lawsuits Who is Cooling and Winter, LLC ? Cooling & Winter is a law firm that represents debt collectors and they are located in Georgia. When a creditor is having trouble collecting from it’s debtors, they will often-times use the services of law firms like Cooling & Winter. These creditors are usually credit card companies like Capital one or Bank Of America, but they can also be debt collection companies and student loan buyers.  It is important to note that most of the time, the creditor seeking their services has made […]
  • Bankruptcy Impact on Inheritance
    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes The decision to file for bankruptcy is complex. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide a “fresh start”. Nevertheless, the process isn’t easy. Losing a loved one during that time can add to the difficulty. As a result, you should know the impact inheritance has on your bankruptcy case. 180-Day Rule Any income, including payroll,  you receive within 180 days of filing for bankruptcy becomes part of the bankruptcy estate. Thus, any inheritance you actually receive within that 180 days becomes part of the bankruptcy estate. Inheritance consists of more than financial […]
  • Post-Bankruptcy Credit Collections
    Estimated reading time: 3 min. Everyone experiences a credit collection call or two at some point in their lives. While some may receive more than others, none of us are exempt from the frequent interruptions to our daily lives when creditors call looking for the late payment owed to them. Sometimes it may come as a surprise, other times every ringtone makes you cringe and screen your calls because you know who is on the other end…again. So let’s say you’ve successfully filed and completed bankruptcy The debts that cause credit collectors to call you are now discharged, right? Once […]
  • Wage Garnishment Attorney – Atlanta Georgia
    Stopping Wage Garnishment Atlanta wage garnishment attorney Matthew Cherney of Cherney Law Firm can stop your wage garnishment immediately. If you live in the Atlanta area and creditors are garnishing your wages or they are threatening to garnish your wages, Cherney Law Firm can stop it.  By filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you will immediately get relief from wage garnishment. Cherney Law Firm has been helping his clients fight wage garnishment in Georgia for over 8 years. With 3 offices in the Atlanta area, there is a convenient location for you to choose from. Free Consultation […]
  • Medical Bills & Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know
    Estimated Reading Time: 3 min Health care costs have been rising exponentially over the course of several years. Beginning with the introduction of the healthcare marketplace, benefits from employers began to decrease as covering premiums for employees rose impacting the bottom line of many companies. As a result, you have taken on increased medical expenses even for routine appointments making affording preventative healthcare as well as reactive healthcare back-breaking for your bank account. You might be considering bankruptcy but don’t know where to start or if this will impact the care you receive from your current providers. The good news […]