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When people think of bankruptcy, they usually think of people who have made bad choices that have resulted in crushing debt, however, bankruptcy is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes a person is overwhelmed by debt due to loss of income or an uncontrollable event such as a serious illness or injury. No matter what, filing for bankruptcy is a helpful means of finding freedom from debt and starting over from scratch. If you are weighed down by debt and are unable to make your payments, consult with a qualified Powder Springs bankruptcy attorney right away to learn what legal options are available for you.

Since 2006, I have assisted numerous individuals in filing for bankruptcy. Throughout my years in the field I have handled more than 2,000 cases since the year 2005 and am prepared to counsel and guide you through your legal process. Call Cherney Law Firm LLC now for a free initial consultation to learn exactly how my firm can represent you and help you make the right decisions regarding your finances. No matter what bankruptcy questions you may have, I can provide you with answers you need and assist you in any area of bankruptcy law.

Looking at Practice Areas

If you are hesitant to pursue bankruptcy, keep in mind that there are many benefits of bankruptcy that cannot be obtained any other way. If you have defaulted on your loans or are behind on your credit payments, you are probably experiencing some degree of creditor harassment. According to automatic stay laws, these calls and letters must cease immediately after you file for bankruptcy. M

Maybe you are hesitant because you’ve heard that life after bankruptcy is extremely difficult. This is simply not true if you file properly. There are bankruptcy exemptions that can allow you to keep vital property such as your car, or even your home during bankruptcy. You will still have the means to restart your life after you are done with the legal side of things.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Do not be afraid to learn more about bankruptcy if you need relief from your debt. The first step would be to learn the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, since you will need to know which is best for you. A means test will help determine which of these you are legally allowed to pursue by calculating your ability or inability to repay your debts. After deducting your monthly expenditures from our monthly income, the balance will either be above or below the state average. If it is higher, you could file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and repay your default over the next three to five years. After this time, the remainder could be forgiven. In the event that your test result is below the average, you could file under Chapter 7 and have most or all of your debts discharged.

Other Options Besides Bankruptcy

It may also be possible for you to pursue an alternative to bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy attorney could assist you in debt negotiation or debt settlement, resulting in a lower principle with monthly payments that you can afford. At Cherney Law Firm LLC I have extensive experience in this area and know exactly how low your creditor or lender should be willing to go. With my representation, you could be sure of achieving the lowest possible repayment rate through negotiation or settlement.

Retain an Experience Attorney

To find out more about how my firm could assist you in a bankruptcy case, contact me by filling out the online evaluation or by calling my offices for a free consultation. Filing for bankruptcy without legal counsel is risky and you will not likely achieve the best possible results. With my counsel and step-by-step guidance, you could achieve financial freedom as quickly and capably as possible. Call today for more information!

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