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Cobb County families aren’t immune to economic struggles. One of the most effective means of achieving relief from burdensome debt is by filing for bankruptcy. In doing so, a person declares that they are unable to afford their loan or consumer credit payments and are therefore able to have some or all of their debts dismissed. The process of bankruptcy is detailed and difficult, which is why it is important for anyone considering it to hire an attorney to counsel them and lead them through each step.

Cherney Law Firm LLC is a seasoned Cobb County bankruptcy firm serving various cities and counties throughout Georgia. As a Cobb County bankruptcy attorney I have been practicing law since 2005 and have personally represented more than 2,000 clients in bankruptcy cases. With such extensive experience and skill, my firm could answer your bankruptcy questions and provide you with the representation you need.

Each client is given the attention and respect they deserve and is guided step-by-step through the confusing bankruptcy process. If you are in need of a caring attorney who will work tirelessly from your initial consultation through the completion of your case, call Cherney Law Firm LLC, today to find out how a representative could assist you in your bankruptcy case.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

If bankruptcy does turn out to be the best option, it is important that you first educate yourself on the types of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a common choice for those whose monthly income is lower than the state average, making them incapable of repaying their debts. By filing under this chapter, they can have most or all of their debts discharged. Chapter 13 is commonly pursued by individuals facing foreclosure because it reduces their principle and modifies their loan so that they can repay their default over the next three to five years, after which the remaining balance is discharged.

In order to find out the eligibility of an individual for each of these types of bankruptcy, they must first take what is known as a means test. This test weights the individual’s monthly income with their monthly living expenses. If the difference is less than the state average, they may qualify for Chapter 7. If they have a steady enough income, they may instead qualify for Chapter 13.

Areas of Practice

Although bankruptcy is often the best option for people facing enormous debt, it is not always so. An excellent bankruptcy lawyer will first discuss any alternatives to bankruptcy with their client. In some cases, it is better for a person to pursue debt negotiation or debt settlement with the representation of a skilled lawyer. This is accomplished by working with your lender to lower the amount you owe so that you can afford to repay your debt, either through monthly payments or a lump sum. Any remaining balance is then discharged, leaving you free of debt.

The Positive Side of Bankruptcy

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, many people are afraid that they will lose everything they own, but this is not necessarily true. There are many benefits of bankruptcy that make it worthwhile in the end. One such benefit is that, due to automatic stay laws, creditor harassment must cease immediately upon filing for bankruptcy. In addition, once your bankruptcy case is complete, you could experience relief and freedom from your financial stress and rebuild your life. You will not lose everything since you may qualify for bankruptcy exemptions, which means there is indeed life after bankruptcy. Find out more by contacting an educated and practiced lawyer at my firm today for a free consultation.

Contact My Qualified Firm

It is not wise to attempt to file for bankruptcy without legal representation. At Cherney Law Firm LLC, I have handled thousands of cases and have the knowledge and skill to help you through the bankruptcy process. Each of my clients receives personal care and attention so that they are never unsure of the status of their case.

My firm may also be able to offer payment options, depending on the circumstances of the client. Learn more by calling today, or by filling out the free online case evaluation. Your initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose. Contact Cherney Law Firm LLC today!

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