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In a time when it may feel as if the world is caving in around you, bankruptcy could very well be your best option. As a Cobb County Bankruptcy Attorney, I know the level of stress and pressure that insurmountable debt can place on a person. Since 2006, I have personally handled thousands of individual bankruptcy cases, providing amicable solutions for people throughout Marietta and the surrounding cities of Georgia. Past client testimonials have given proof of my level of dedication and care towards each case I take on. Take a look at the review on the right I received from a previous client who walked away retaining the legal help he needed.

Mr. Cherney was there from the beginning till the end. He kept me informed throughout the entire process. Very knowledgeable and always available for any questions/concerns I may have had. Best lawyer experience I have ever had. ~Castulo

With the economy the way that it is, my compassion and understanding towards your difficult financial situation is completely heartfelt. My greatest desire is to help you get back on your feet. By making myself available every day of the week, offering weekend appointments for any questions and concerns, you can feel confident that nothing comes before you and your future well-being. Put an end to harassing creditors, nerve-racking financial decisions and overpowering debts by hiring an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer who is invested in your best interests.

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Is bankruptcy really that common?

Sadly, many people believe the bankruptcy myth that it is a horrible experience that will be perceived as shameful by their friends and family. This is entirely not true as there are multiple reasons and circumstances that can cause unavoidable debts. Everything from sudden medical bills, the downward housing market, unfortunate economic times or a sudden job layoff can land you with insurmountable debt. Due to this myth, many people believe that bankruptcy is not very common and should be avoided at all costs, when in actuality this is far from the truth.

In 2016, Georgia ranked 3rd highest in Chapter 13 bankruptcies (1 out of 135 households). From October 1, 2005 until September 30, 2017, over 12.8 million consumer bankruptcies were reported. 68% of those (8.7 million) were Chapter 7 petitions and 32% (4.1 million) were Chapter 13. (Source: These are staggering statistics that may come as a surprise to you, but hopefully also provide you with some level of hope. Realizing that bankruptcy is a viable option is often the first step on the road towards financial recovery.

Uncovering the Bankruptcy Process in Cobb, Cherokee and Fulton County

After speaking with me regarding your specific circumstance, I will be able to direct you towards either a form of bankruptcy or some other debt relief alternative. Once we have worked together to come up with the best option for your particular case, you will need to complete a series of steps.

  1. Fill out a means test. This will determine which chapter of bankruptcy you can file under (Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13), based off of your current income, expenses and debts.
  2. Complete credit counseling. This is required by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) of 2005 and must be operated by a certified credit counselor.
  3. Put together all legal paperwork. This includes pulling all of your income statements, list of assets, debts, liabilities, monthly expenditures and all major financial transactions from the previous two years.
  4. Have your lawyer file a bankruptcy petition. If you are filing in Marietta, this should be submitted to the Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court. Once this is completed, you can experience relief from creditors as an automatic stay will be put in place, keeping them from your personal property.
  5. Attend a meeting with a trustee and your creditors. You are required to go to this meeting and you will be expected to answer a number of questions from both the trustee and creditors related to your financial situation.
  6. Wait for approval from creditors and trustee. They have 60 days from the date of the meeting to contest your debt dismissal. If they have no issues with the proposed debt removal, then you can expect to be notified by the court. After the 60 day period is through, you can look to see your debts cleared within 3-6 months.

While this process sounds fairly straightforward, there are many facets. Failure to fill out a particular form in the correct manner could cause a significant setback in the flow of your case from start to finish. Without a knowledgeable Marietta debt relief lawyer who has been through the bankruptcy process in Georgia thousands of times, you may become quickly frustrated. Speak with me about your case before choosing to do anything on your own. It could end up saving you endless time and money in the long run.

Marietta and Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney Helping You Move Forward

There are numerous benefits when it comes to bankruptcy, including the most obvious advantage that it could wipe out most if not all of your outstanding debts. This alone could allow you to live freer, protect your assets from repossession, and keep your home safe. Creditor harassment will be put to a stop, allowing your stress level to be reduced significantly. Looking to the future, it can allow you and your family to adequately prepare for the future and save, which you otherwise would not have been able to do if forced to make exorbitant debt payments.

Offering a free, confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with my office. Let me work with you to put an end to hounding creditors, protect your home and move forward towards a fresh financial beginning. You can entrust your case with me, knowing that I will never place you on the back burner or ignore your valuable questions. I fully understand that your future is on the line and I will do everything in power to work towards a more than favorable outcome. Contact my office by calling (770) 485-4290 or fill out my free case evaluation form today!

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