Bankruptcy Alternatives

Bankruptcy Alternatives are Available

Anyone who is suffering from extreme amounts of debt should consider the benefits that bankruptcy has to offer. By filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you could have your debts discharged or even repay them over the next few years. There are of course still downsides to such actions, which is why filing for bankruptcy is not necessarily the best option for everyone. It may be more beneficial for some individuals to seek an alternative course of action rather than bankruptcy, and it is my goal to provide you with all available options, including a variety of bankruptcy alternatives. Together we can find the right choice that best supports you and your family.

Common Bankruptcy Alternatives

Debt Negotiation

One alternative to bankruptcy is debt negotiation. With the representation of an experienced attorney, you could negotiate with your lender to have your monthly payments reduced to an affordable amount. This could be done by eliminating your interest, extending the length of your loan term, or reducing the principle amount. Only a bankruptcy attorney knows exactly how low a lender will really go, so be sure to consult with a legal advocate right away to ensure that you obtain the lowest possible rate.

Debt Settlement

Another option to consider would be to settle your debt with your lender. After negotiating with your lender, you could come to an agreement that allows your debt to be completely forgiven once you pay a lump sum, the amount of which is usually less than the amount owed. This means that you could find relief without having to pay the full amount of your debt. Be sure to talk to a Marietta bankruptcy attorney about whether or not you are eligible for debt settlement.

Discharge Your Debt

An individual might also be able to have their debt discharged, meaning that it is forgiven without being repaid at all. The most common way to discharge your debt is by filing under Chapter 7, which allows part or all of your debts to be dismissed so that you can repay the rest or start over. Keep in mind that you must first complete the means test and be proven to be financially incapable of repaying your debts. A bankruptcy lawyer in Marietta could assist you in completing this test, as well as in pursuing the best option, so consult with one today!

Finding Financial Freedom

At Cherney Law Firm LLC, you can retain my legal assistance as I have handled more than 2,000 bankruptcy cases in my time of practice in the field. Since 2006, I have assisted clients in finding relief from overwhelming debt and I can do the same for you. If you still are not sure, read some of my client testimonials; then, when you are ready, discuss your situation with me today through a free initial consultation to learn what options are available to you and to find out bankruptcy or one of these bankruptcy alternatives is your best course of action.

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