Life After Bankruptcy

There are numerous myths surrounding the idea of bankruptcy. One such misconception is that bankruptcy will result in an uncertain future, such as the loss of your home and ruined credit for the next 10 years. At Cherney Law Firm LLC, my goal is to dispel these myths and to show you that there is life after bankruptcy — and a bright future! With my experience working for a variety of bankruptcy firms, I have seen individuals and families experience unimaginable relief from debt and stress. Allow my firm to reveal the bright side of bankruptcy and demolish the harmful misconceptions associated with this positive financial endeavor.

Life After Bankruptcy: The Benefits

When you are burdened by an overwhelming amount of debt, it can be difficult to think about your options and to decide on a course of action. Perhaps you are experiencing creditor harassment, or you are being threatened with foreclosure. By filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, creditors are required to stop calling you immediately. Any threats of foreclosure or repossession must come to a halt until further notice as well. It is entirely illegal for debt collection agencies to contact you after you have filed for bankruptcy and if you have a lawyer on your side, they can help to defend you against their unnecessary tactics. This could minimize your worries and allow you to focus even more on achieving debt relief and a happy life after bankruptcy.

Keeping Your Assets Safe

Cases of Chapter 13 bankruptcy mean that all of your property, possessions and assets will be kept safe because you are simply paying your debt off in manageable payments. Pursuing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge all of your debt, with some exceptions, but you run the risk of losing some of your things.

If you are worried about losing some of your things, you may still be able to keep necessary items such as your car, your furniture and/or your home through looking at bankruptcy exemptions. This means that you will still have the means to live your life, pursue a career and restore your financial health. Bankruptcy does not mean that you lose everything; it means you regain the ability to pursue anything.

If you are weighed down by a heavy load of debt, don’t hesitate to learn how you could free yourself and start over. Contact a Marietta bankruptcy lawyer from my firm today to learn more and begin the process by filling out a free evaluation form.

Free Initial Consultation!

At Cherney Law Firm LLC, I have been practicing since 2006 and can counsel you through your bankruptcy process, whether significant or minimal in nature. It is important that you know the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and what is required in order for you to qualify. Your initial consultation is always free and during your first call, I can inform you of what my firm can do to help you successfully pursue bankruptcy. Offering weekend appointments in addition to weekday openings, I want to be sure that I am making myself available to meet with you. Allow me to calm your concerns and get you started right away by contacting my firm today.

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