Warning Signs of Bankruptcy

Potential Warning Signs of Bankruptcy

While you may be doing everything on your end to avoid bankruptcy, certain debts cannot be ignored any longer and may be warning signs that you should file for bankruptcy. Many picture bankruptcy as a frightening and last resort option; however, it can be extremely beneficial when done right. Whether you follow through with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a even a bankruptcy alternative, allow an experienced Marietta bankruptcy attorney from Cherney Law Firm LLC to take the reins. Still, how can you know when it is time to take that drastic step?

Being aware of your current financial standing is extremely critical to you and your family’s overall well-being. If you are noticing certain warning signs like the ones we have provided below, it may be a good idea to begin seeking help. By being proactive and procuring a Marietta bankruptcy lawyer before you are deeper in debt, you could save significant amounts of time and money down the road. Review the following warning signs and get in touch with my firm if any apply to you:

  • Your credit card payments are beginning to fall behind
  • Home or vehicle payments are more than one payment late
  • The interest rates on your credit card are increasing due to your late payments
  • Some of your credit cards have reached their maximum amount
  • You barely have enough money to pay for general living expenses, let alone save anything
  • The balance on your credit card continues to increase, as well as your monthly minimum payment
  • Harassing creditors are calling you at home and your place of work
  • You are considering taking money away from your retirement plan to pay for your debt
  • The thought has crossed your mind to take out a home equity loan just to make your payments
  • Your debt is affecting other areas of your life, such as your ability to relax, sleep, or eat
  • The insurmountable stress is negatively affecting your marriage

Instead of ignoring these warning signs, please do not wait another day to speak with me, a knowledgeable and compassionate Marietta bankruptcy lawyer. Your best interests are my number one goal when taking on your case, which means that I will do everything possible to get your debts cleared. Fill out my free bankruptcy case evaluation to at least allow me to look over the basics of your case. From there, I can inform you of viable options available to you, if I believe that my services may be of assistance to you.

Debt-Free Life with the Help of a Marietta Bankruptcy Lawyer

Experience the freedom and quality of life that you once knew by obtaining a qualified debt relief attorney at my firm. Handling over 2,000 cases in just a few years’ time, I have seen it all. There is no case too complicated for me to take on. I completely understand the uncertainty you may have towards pursuing bankruptcy, but let me reassure you that there are numerous benefits. Contact my office today for a free consultation so that I can begin to assist you right away!

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