Is a Bankruptcy Lawyer Required to File?

Unless you are filing as a corporation, you are not required to have a lawyer to file bankruptcy. As an individual, you can choose to represent yourself during a bankruptcy proceeding. While you can represent yourself, I would never advise someone to do so. In my opinion, outside of tax law, bankruptcy is the most complex area of law. Unless you are fully versed in bankruptcy, the different types of bankruptcy, and the laws regarding bankruptcy filing, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an experienced Marietta bankruptcy lawyer at Cherney Law Firm, LLC.

How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Helps

One minor misstep or improperly filled out form in a bankruptcy proceeding can result in major complications. Not to mention, it could severely impact your rights. For example, if you fail to complete credit counseling prior to filing your case, your case can be dismissed. In some cases, you may not be able to file again. If this happens you are responsible to pay all of your debts, or you may face legal action and potential lawsuits. In some cases, failing to disclose a debt can result in that debt being excepted from discharged. This means that you may still be legally responsible to pay that particular debt, regardless of your bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Courts Recommend Hiring an Attorney

The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts strongly recommend individuals obtain the services of a bankruptcy attorney when filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has long-term legal and financial consequences, which should not be taken lightly. I will assist you in navigating through the detailed and oftentimes confusing bankruptcy process. I will help you restructure your debt and/or discharge your debt. You can start on the road to financial stability today.

Do not put your financial future at risk, contact an experienced Marietta bankruptcy lawyerfrom my firm today in order to schedule your free, confidential bankruptcy consultation.