Stop Wage Wage Garnishment in Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee Counties in Georgia

Wage Garnishment Defense in Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee County

Financial uncertainty and debt can impact virtually all aspects of an individual’s life, as well as the lives of their loved ones. Although all debt collection actions are an unwanted and frustrating burden, few are as pressing and difficult as wage garnishment. When consumers are unable to remain current on their debts, creditors have the ability to initiate a number of various debt collection actions against them. Wage garnishment, one of the most aggressive collection tactics, involves the direct siphoning of funds from a consumer’s income.

Bankruptcy Protection – Using the Automatic Stay Effectively

If you are currently struggling with wage garnishment, you have options available to defend yourself. By filing bankruptcy, for example, the court will issue what is known as an automatic stay. The automatic stay orders all collection activities against you to cease while your bankruptcy is pending. This means that your wages will no longer be garnished, with the exception of debts owed for child support or alimony. Additionally, any foreclosure proceedings, repossessions, debt collection phone calls, and other similar actions will stop.

The automatic stay can provide you with the breathing space and available funds you can use to become current on debts, enter into negotiations with your creditor, and/or chart your finances in preparation for the future. When used effectively, the bankruptcy protection afforded by the stay can be a powerful tool for collection defense.

Addressing the Larger Issue

While my firm remains intent on helping clients gain bankruptcy protection to alleviate their immediate concerns, we also place great emphasis on helping them address the underlying issue of their problems with debt. As wage garnishment and debt collection are symptomatic of larger financial problems, my legal team and I work to gain a better understanding of your current financial picture, as well as what you wish to accomplish. With this information, my firm can help you pursue a debt relief option that will best benefit your unique situation. Whether it is bankruptcy or a bankruptcy alternative such as debt negotiation or debt settlement, my firm guides you through these actions to ensure that you obtain the financial fresh start you need.

Allow a Bankruptcy Attorney to Help You Stop Wage Garnishment in Several Georgia Counties

I have been helping individuals and families from all walks of life navigate through the bankruptcy process. Although their situations were always unique and personal, they all experienced the same difficulties when faced with debt collection and wage garnishment. Throughout the years, I believe I have become well-tuned to the needs of my clients and better equipped with the skills and experience needed to help them stop a wage garnishment quickly and efficiently. If you would like to learn more about putting an end to debt collection, or if you wish to explore your options for debt relief, do not hesitate to contact a Marietta bankruptcy lawyer from Cherney Law Firm today.

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