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Cooling and Winter LLC

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Wage Garnishment

Cooling and Winter, LLC – Stop Wage Garnishment and Lawsuits

Matthew Cherney of Cherney Law Firm can stop Wage garnishments from Cooling and Winter LLC

Matthew J Cherney of Cherney Law Firm can stop bank and wage garnishments from law firms like Cooling and Winter, LLC

Who is Cooling and Winter, LLC ?

Cooling & Winter is a law firm that represents debt collectors and they are located in Georgia. When a creditor is having trouble collecting from it’s debtors, they will often-times use the services of law firms like Cooling & Winter. These creditors are usually credit card companies like Capital one or Bank Of America, but they can also be debt collection companies and student loan buyers.  It is important to note that most of the time, the creditor seeking their services has made several attempts to collect their debt from the debtor and has not been successful.

Can Cooling and Winter Garnish my Wages?

As a debtor, you need to understand that once a creditor retains a law firm like Cooling and Winter, they have every intention on getting a court ordered judgment to collect that debt. At this point, Cooling and Winter can and will ask the court for a judgment to garnish your bank account or your wages. If they intend to garnish your wages, they will notify your employer and your employer is legally required to take up to 25% of your wages each pay period. By garnishing your bank account, they will now legally be able to take what is owed to them directly from your checking or savings account.

Why is Cooling and Winter Calling Me?

If you have come to this website, you most likely have been getting calls or letters from Cooling and Winter, LLC. These calls and letters are very stressful because they are either threatening to sue, in the process of suing you or have already sued you and won.

Can I win a Lawsuit From Cooling and Winter?

A majority of the time, Cooling and Winter will win their lawsuit vs the debtor because the debtor never appears in court. This is an easy win for them. Once the court grants the judgment in favor of Cooling and Winter, there is little the debtor can do. At this point there will be a judgment that will appear on your credit report for the next 7 years and Cooling & Winter will most likely pursue with garnishment.

Cooling and Winter Contact Information:

Cooling and Winter, LLC main office is located in Marietta, Georgia. Close to Atlanta, Georgia

Main Office:

1090 Northchase Parkway SE, Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30067

Phone Number:  770.988.9055

Toll Free:  800.291.5144

cooling and winter is debt collection law firm in georgia

How can I stop Cooling and Winter from Wage or Bank Garnishment Against me?

First and foremost, Cherney Law Firm would like to point out that a debt collector has every right to try and collect a debt that is owed to them. We do not advocate any sort of promotion of not paying a creditor that is rightfully owed a debt.

With that being said, we also understand that there is a bigger picture that may need to be addressed. Most of the time when one of our clients that contact us about about a wage garnishment that they have received from law firms like Cooling and Winter, also have other recurring debt problems also. A majority of the time it is at no fault of our client that this has happened.

We understand that bad things happen to good people. Sometimes it is a job loss, or it can be that you simply do not make enough money to pay your bills and have enough money left over for other things that you and your family need.

If you contact our office, a wage garnishment attorney will be able to stop the wage garnishment immediately. We can also help you get your life on track by eliminating all of your debt or getting you into a payment plan that can save you from foreclosure or car repossession.

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