Vehicle Repossession Case Examples

Vehicle Repossession Case Examples

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Bankruptcy

Actual clients that Cherney Law Firm has helped

  • In one of my cases, a  single mother of four, Latoya, called me in tears because her car was repossessed in the middle of the night.  In Georgia, public transportation is extremely limited, and reliable transportation is essential.  Latoya desperately needed her vehicle to get to work and provide for her family.  I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for Latoya.  I ensured that Latoya got her vehicle back.  Not only did I get Latoya’s vehicle back, but I was able to lower her monthly payments.  Latoya now pays $350.00 less per month for all of her debts, including her vehicle, and she will only be making payments for 36 months.  If you contact Cherney Law Firm, I may be able to lower your monthly payments on everything, including your vehicle.


  • A client came to me because he received a threatening letter and phone call from his vehicle lender.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was 2.5 months behind on his vehicle payment.  His vehicle payment was $575.00 per month and his interest rate was 16%.  I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for him, which prevented the vehicle lender from repossessing his vehicle.  I was also able to reduce his interest rate to 5.5%, and stretch his payments out an additional 2 years.  This resulted in a monthly savings of $175.00 per month.  The late fees and accrued finance charges were rolled into his monthly payment.  His monthly payment is far more affordable given his reduced income.  If you contact Cherney Law Firm, I can prevent a vehicle lender from repossession your vehicle, whatever your circumstances.  We can potentially lower your interest rate and your monthly payments. 


  • An elderly couple came to see me.  They were struggling to make payments on two vehicles.  The husband had unforeseen medical expenses and his medical bills were piling up.  They were in a monthly payment plan with the hospital, anesthesiologist and radiologist.  The monthly medical payments limited their ability to maintain payments on their vehicles.  One of their vehicles was 3 years old.  As a result, I was able to reduce the principal amount owed to the vehicle lender, reduce the interest rate owed to the vehicle lender, and pay the balance back over 5 years instead of 3 years.  This resulted in a savings of nearly $275.00 per month on that vehicle.  The other vehicle had a very high interest rate, which I was able to reduce to 5.75% percent.  All in all, they paid $575.00 less per month.  This included all of their medical bills and their credit cards.  If you contact Cherney Law Firm, I can put together a plan that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per month.


  • A client named Mark called me. He said that he read all of my reviews online, and was hoping I could help him. Mark’s car had been repossessed the previous weekend. After a week of debating what he should do, he decided to call me for a free consultation. Of course, I was expecting that Mark would want me to get his car back for him. It turns out, Mark was concerned about the deficiency amount he might owe the vehicle lender as a result of the vehicle repossession. Mark stilled owed almost $20,000 on his vehicle loan and he knew the car was worth $9700.00 at best. He knew that if the vehicle sold for anything less than he owed when the lender sold it at auction, he would owe the difference (deficiency amount). Mark not only could not afford this, he cringed at the fact he would still have to pay for a vehicle that he no longer even owned.  I was able to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy for Mark. We eliminated what would have been an $8500.00 deficiency balance on the repossessed vehicle. Mark also had over $10,000 in credit card debt accumulated after he was furloughed from his job because of COVID-19. Now Mark is 100% debt free and looking to the future. If your vehicle has been repossessed and you want to discuss your options regarding your deficiency balance, contact Cherney Law Firm for a free consultation.


If your vehicle has been repossessed, or you have fallen behind on vehicle payments, time is of the essence to take action.  Contact Cherney Law Firm today at  (770) 485-4141.  You can also fill out our online form at the side of this page and I will contact you.

Oftentimes, delinquent car payments is a symptom of a greater financial struggle. I can help you with your debt, but not unless you reach out for help.  I offer FREE Consultations. 

With your free consultation, I will explain how I can help.  I will advise you of your options and it will cost you absolutely nothing.


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